Apartment owners offers

Do you own a property left vacant part or all of the time, but you are not sure how to capitalize on it? We know how to do that for you! We offer professional management, and do all the work required. Our offer is directed to the owners of properties who are interested in a number of customers and increased profits. We offer many forms of collaboration – we care about your business by giving you a package suited your own needs and requirements.

Zarządzanie apartamentami

For your convenience we have many forms of collaboration.

First option
Guarantee of income

You let us manage the property to our needs. After the contract is signed we use and manage it in a professional manner. You don’t need to worry about its advertisement, rent, services, management or preservation. We take the risk and you receive a guaranteed amount every month.

Second option
Flexible rental

You let us manage your apartment including any furnishings and appliances. You let us know how much you require to earn per night stay and our job is to make sure it receives a full rental. With that you have a full freedom to decide when the apartment is free to rent, and you can use it for the rest of the time. There are no restrictions.

You can add your property for free, there are no hidden costs!

We manage the accessibility

We give you the option to individually block the access to the apartment, check the bookings and prices.

Our calendar is automatically synchronised with all our partners, hence there is no option of overbooking. You can book live on our website and all our partner’s sites too.

By using the relevant hotel booking systems, we have the best distribution online. We control the most important channels for online bookings directly on our website, and the booking engines of our partners. We create an amazing booking sales via a central management system connected with almost 100 online booking portals, and regularly get more with additional locations for other apartments.


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