Services available

Making sure you get the most of your stay, we also offer a range of extra services available:

COT (with or without bedding) 30 PLN / NIGHT
BAKLAWA (Arabic) – made by our chef 30 PLN / 5 pieces
PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKETS – you will not need to find places to get them prices as everywhere
WAKE UP CALL SERVICE – we will make sure you won’t be late to your meeting free
FRESH NEWSPAPERS – fresh news from Poland and abroad 20 PLN / DOBA


RENT A CARWe realise that not all of our guests can come to the capital by car, but at the same time we know how convenient driving is. We got a rent a car offer for you.


  • You don’t enjoy using a public transport (or cannot follow its schedule)
  • Appreciate comfort and independence, RENT A CAR is just for you!


Whether you are looking for an economic car, which will make your journey through Warsaw easier, or a comfortable car, perfect for long drives around the country – you will find whatever you need with us.

Contact us now on + 48 530 112 644



SALON PIĘKNOŚCI DLA PAŃToday we never have enough time for ourselves. Fortunately by visiting our apartments you can have some real ‘me time’ guaranteed. But that’s not all. Do you realise that a visit in Warsaw is a perfect excuse to change something about the way you look?

Especially for our guests we have prepared Discount Cards to our partnership Clinic. If you would like to use the offer, please contact the reception.






PAKIET POWITALNYWould you like to surprise your loved one? We can help you with that!
Thanks to our ROMANTIC PACKEGE SERVICES (300 PLN) your time spent together will never be forgotten.

See what’s included:

  • Bucket of roses,
  • bottle of home-made red wine,
  • chocolates,
  • infused candles.


We also offer Welcome Package (150 PLN).

It includes:

  • Basket of fresh fruit,
  • chocolates.



ODBIÓR Z LOTNISKAThinking of your convenience we also offer airport pick up services. We are able to pick you up either from Warsaw-Chopin or Warsaw-Modlin airport, in a door-to-door system.

A designated driver will await you at the airport holding a mini board with your name and our logo. You will be taken to our office to finalise your stay in our apartment.

We monitor your arrival time – in case of delays we will adjust the transfer time.

Our apartments are located in a very attractive location. If you arrive before time, we can secure your luggage, while you visit the local shopping Centre (Arcadia) or Warsaw Old Square.


  • CHOPIN AIRPORT pick up: 120 PLN,


IMPORTANT: You can book the service a few days before your arrival by contacting or customer service (via phone or email).

Service payment is available during your booking and will be included in the full booking receipt.



USŁUGI - KONSJERŻOur guests deserve to spend time surrounded by luxury. We have concierge services available especially for you.

It includes:

  • shopping – upon arrival your ordered shopping will be waiting in the apartment,
  • clothes wash and iron,
  • restaurant bookings-we can advise in restaurant choices upon your culinary preferences,
  • theatre/opera/philharmony etc. ticket bookings,
  • help with your itinerary planning,
  • taxi bookings, car rental (driver available),
  • help with your trip (country wide),
  • individual trip setup,
  • airport pick up/drop off,
  • crèche and pet day care,
  • luggage transfer to your apartment.


Welcome package in your apartment:

ComparisonPackage StandardPackage SilverPackage Gold
Map of Warsaw with your own tour guide tak tak tak
Restaurant bookings tak tak tak
Shopping delivered to your apartment tak tak tak
Taxi bookings tak tak tak
Luggage transfer to your apartment tak tak tak
Laundry service - tak tak
Ticket booking - tak tak
Car rental - tak tak
Personal driver - - tak
Airport pick up/drop off - - tak
Crèche and pet day-care - - tak
Help with your trip (country wide) - - tak
Welcome package in your apartment - - tak

STANDARD PACKAGE (includes: Map of Warsaw with your own tour guide, Restaurant bookings, Shopping delivered to your apartment, Taxi bookings, luggage transfer to your apartment) – 100 PLN,

SILVER PACKAGE (includes: STANDARD PACKAGE + Laundry service, Ticket booking, Car rental) – 150 PLN,

GOLD PACKAGE (includes: SILVER PACKAGE + Personal driver, Airport pick up/drop off, Crèche and pet day-care , help with your trip (country wide), Welcome package in your apartment) – 400 PLN.


IMPORTANT: The prices of each package does not include the costs resulted in the receipts for the services listed, including tickets, restaurants, laundry, personal driver.

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