Developers offer

Management of short term rental properties

For developers

We have been managing short term and holiday apartments for over ten years, which makes us an enterprise with a big experience in the field.

Management of short term rental apartment

Especially for development companies, we offer a professional management of apartments in their portfolio.


We offer complex consultancy solutions for future short term tenants, based on reliable knowledge of the local property market. We are aware of popular rental areas and know how to prepare and furnish the properties to enter the market.

Home staging

Our experienced team prepares the apartments for rent in a professional manner, so it will meet all the expectations of its owners and tenants.

Marketing and Sales

We work closely with over 65 business partners, hence we are able to fully support your rentals. We have knowledge and tools to estimate your potential profits.

To sum up:

1.We contribute to further increase the profits for your company.

We deal with short term rental of modern and comfortable apartments.

As a company we look after our guests from the moment of the apartment booking.
Warsaw is a unique city, which is visited not only for business but also for pleasure. Most of the visitors however are top level management clients. We have people from all over the world; and our offer is targeting all including tourists, business people, families, as well as foreign clients wanting to mix business and pleasure. Our great location makes it easier to meet all demands.

2. Why us?

The demand for short term apartment rental has increased because of its popularity. A lot of visitors decide to organise their own holidays and look for apartments by themselves, over using the traditional travel companies. It’s also a popular option for short city breaks, which is becoming more popular in Poland too. More and more cities make their apartments available. As a company we make advertisement our priority, in places where tourists mostly search for places to stay. We make sure that our offers are always available in apartment databases on popular visitor portals online.

Our assets are experience and being recognisable, which guarantees continuity of rent and guarantees profit.
We are true professionals in this field and we make sure that our clients return to us.

3. What can we guarantee?

Finding and attracting new customers
Dynamic advertisement
Multiple advertisements
Safety of the properties
Safety and comfort of the customers
Continuity of rent
Rising success built into your company’s reputation
Our customers receive more than just an apartment for rent. We offer professional service followed by additional options, allowing a comfortable stay.

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