Terms of use

To make sure all of our guests have a comfortable and safe stay at our apartments, we have created the terms of use below.
Booking of an apartment is equivalent to the acceptance of the terms of use, which is an integral part of your apartment rental contract.

1. General

  •   The terms of use regulates the condition of short term rental – calculated in 24H periods for fully furnished and serviced apartments.
    All customers using KaZou Residence apartments are obliged to follow the following terms of use.
    Customers agree to follow the terms of use at the time of booking.
    24H stay at our apartments starts at 2pm, and ends at 12pm the following day.
    If you wish to extend your stay you must contact us as soon as possible, to make sure there have not been a following booking for your apartment.
    Kazou Residence will help booking extension requests for your current apartment where possible, or will assist you with finding an alternative place to stay for the extended period, depending on availability.
    Customers can only use the apartment for inhabiting purposes, further rental is not permitted.
    Customers are obliged to follow block of apartment co-habiting rules. Party organising is PROHIBITED. There is 1000zl penalty fee for organising a party cumbersome for other inhabitants. There will be a higher penalty of 1500zl in case of Police or Municipal Police intervention.
    The customer if fully responsible for the loss or damage to the apartment property.
    In accordance with the rule of law from 9 November 1995, in relation to health protection from the usage of tobacco products, the use of all tobacco products in our apartments is completely prohibited. There will be consequences for not following this rule.

2. Bookings

  • Bookings are taken online, by email or telephone contact.
    Bookings and payments via Booking.com website system is regulated by booking.com terms of use and conditions.
    There is no additional deposit if the booking takes place via www.kazouresidence.com website.
    Email bookings – this type of booking is available by sending an email to apartament@kazouresidence.com or filling in an online booking form on our website. When the availability is checked, the customer will be informed via email or telephone contact. If you reply to that information, your booking will be confirmed and noted on the system, which equals the acceptance of our terms and conditions.
    Telephone bookings – you can make a booking by calling our number (+48) 531-555-086. We take 40% deposit fee.

3. Payment

  • Payments should be made via bank transfer to KaZou Residence by the latest 48 hours before your calendar hotel 24H begins
    Bank Transfer details: KAZOU RESIDENCE
    Account no:
    PL 15 1750 0012 0000 0000 2274 5557
    If the payment has not been registered on KaZou Residence account, the booking can be cancelled.
    The payment can be made by card or cash at the time of keys pick up.
    VAT receipts are available upon prior knowledge of the request.

4. Booking changes and cancellations

  • If you decide not to use your booking, the fee will not be returned, however in agreed circumstances the name on the booking can be changed. Also the dates of you arrivals cam be changed if the new dates are available.
    Online bookings – if you change or cancel your booking up to 2 days before your arrival there will be no charges.
    If the customer does not arrive to the apartment of his booking, the booking will be cancelled. The person on the booking however, will be obliged to pay for the first 24H period of his booking.
    Email and phone bookings – in case of changes or cancelations, or an unseen customer, the deposit will not be returned.

5. Check in and check out

  •   You can pick up your keys in our reception at Burakowska 16 lok. U1.
    The keys must be picked up between 2pm and 10pm. After 10pm the customers will not be served.
    KaZou Residence reserves a right to refuse accommodating a customer in cases of:
    - lack of valid ID or a refusal to show your ID
    - customer being under influence of alcohol or drugs
    - an explained suspicion that the apartment will be used by many more people than declared
    - the customer breaking the terms of use during his previous visit
    You can return the keys at the apartment on the day of your check out, in the presence of our colleague or at reception.

6. The rules of apartment use

  • Only the amount of people declared at the time of reservation can sleep at the apartment.
    It is PROHIBITED for more people than declared to stay at the apartment.
    Pets are allowed to stay at the apartment.
    It is the customers’ duty to use the gas, water and electrical valves with care.
    It is customers’ duty to inform KaZou Residence about any potential damages or abnormalities in the apartment.

7. Damage responsibility

  • The customer takes a full financial responsibility for all damages in the apartment building block, apartment itself and its equipment.
    The customer is obliged to inform KaZou Residence about all events which could possibly risk his own health or health of others, as well as possible damage to the apartment and its equipment, as soon as possible. This includes all possible third party claims, including the owners of neighbouring apartments.
    The customers are obliged to cover all costs immediately.
    If the apartment has to be taken off the market due to the damages made by the customer, the customer is obliged to cover the total cost of the repair. The cost will include the full rent for the period of repair time plus additional 500zl before tax per day, counted from the day of the original reservation until the day the apartment is back on the rental market.
  • 7. Damage responsibility

  •   KaZou Residence will only use your personal data for the current or future booking purposes as well as marketing, according to the personal data protection rule of law from 29.08.1997.
    At the time of the booking, you will be informed about your rights and asked to sign the relevant agreement.
    It is the customers’ responsibility to read the terms of use.
    It is customers’ responsibility to follow the terms of use.

Thank you for acknowledging the terms and conditions, we wish you a pleasant stay at our apartments.

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